A Tantric Course for Men

Master the Art of Sex Transmutation

Did you know that your sexual energy is the basis of all of your life’s energy? Most modern men are unaware just how important it is to properly cultivate their sexual energy and vitality. When a man is unable to control his sexual desire, he ends up depleting all his energy with habits like watching porn every day, being manipulated by women who know how to use his sexuality against him, and being tired and unable to perform his best in his career and in his life. When you are a slave to your sexuality, you become a slave in your life - working a job you hate, dating women you don’t like, and manifesting outcomes that are contrary to your heart’s desires.

Your Energy is a Magnet

Does your Energy Attract or Repel Your Desires?

At the root of everything in life and the principles of the Law of Attraction is ENERGY. Tantric Yoga teaches that we all have a magnetic coil of energy at the base of our spine known as Kundalini Energy. It is the basis of everything we attract in our life. There is a reason the top athletes and fighters choose not to have any sexual activity prior to their major games and performances. They understand the importance of conserving this energy, and you can learn to use the same strategy for your own life to blossom. You don’t have to be celibate, but you do have to learn how to be in control of your sexual energy rather than letting it control you! This is entirely possible and with the contents in this course you will learn how to be able to turn your sexuality on and off at your will. When you harness all of this energy inside of yourself you become magnetic, because you are storing all of your Kundalini energy inside yourself instead of giving it away for free to the porn industry and to people that just drain you. This magnetism is what helps you to attract a partner with high vibrational energy, manifest more abundance, and attract your desires easily.
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What Men Like You are Saying About Semen Retention + Sex Transmutation

Benefits You Will Achieve Through This Course

These are only a small sampling of the immense benefits in increased self-confidence and life performance people have noticed

  • Learn the Tantric Art of Semen Retention

  • The Proper Balance of Retaining vs Releasing

  • Learn How to Separate Orgasm from Ejaculation

  • Breaking Bad Habit and Addiction Patterning in the Mind

  • Attract More Women (this is proven!)

  • More Creative Energy for Projects and Entrepreneurial Ambitions

  • Healing issues like ED and Premature Ejaculation

  • More Orgasmic Blissful Energy in Your Daily Life

  • Stress Relief and Peace of Mind

A Better Love Life

Enhancing and Sustaining Intimacy

Many men have been amazed at the amount of women they seem to attract when they practice this course. If you are single, the energy you radiate will be expanded through your electromagnetic field (aura) attracting more women to you. If you are in a relationship, then these techniques will lead to a greater sense of intimacy and connection with your partner, removing intimacy blocks and allowing you to enjoy the energy of connection and shared sexuality. 

Greater Abundance & Prosperity

“One major reason why the majority of people who succeed do not begin to do so before the age of 40 to 50 is their tendency to dissipate their energies through overindulgence in the physical expression of the emotion of sex.

Transmutation of sex energy calls for more willpower than the average person cares to use for this purpose. Though this requires willpower, the reward for the practice is more than worth the effect.

Sex energy is the creative energy of all genii. There never has been, and never will be a great leader, builder or artist lacking in this driving force of sex. The energy must be transmuted from desire for physical contact, into some other form of desire and action, before it will lift one to the status of a genius.” 

-Napoleon Hill (Author of Think and Grow Rich)

When you need less from the external environment (e.g. needing less sexual energy from others) you create a reverse effect where things start coming to you. Just like when you lose interest in a girl she suddenly starts chasing you, so it is with material energy. When you feel fulfilled with your internal energy, the external ENERGY of the universe - including money, prosperity AND material things start to chase you!

Gain Peace of Mind

Confront Your Inner Self With Care and Kindness

This course is not only about having a great sex life but having a great every day life. You will learn that the popular knowledge of tension and release orgasms is incorrectly recommending fleeting moments of pleasure that are simply a drainage of energy. In contrast, you can learn to have a healthy relationship to your sexuality and your body, showing love, respect and care to yourself that will lead you to greater peace and balance. This course is not only about being great in bed, but about bringing the orgasmic state into your everyday life and realizing that you can live in bliss each and every day. There are meditative and healing practices that are meant to reconnect you with your inner self so that any imbalances that lead to sexually imbalanced behavior are corrected and your inner self is realigned.

The Benefits of Learning Through This Course

I have taken years of research into Tantric Yoga and Taoist Sexuality and condensed it to provide an easy to use shortcut and manual for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike. This course takes the ‘No-Fap’ idea deeper by providing actual practical methods to be successful at what you do with your sexual energy. Many men practicing No-Fap are working in resistance and force, causing a yo-yo effect where they are forcing a pause in sexual energy but not transmuting that energy correctly into a positive force, ending up in relapse and restart cycles. Simply practicing celibacy is not enough as you will end up storing the sexual energy in various organs such as the liver, causing anger or the mind causing anxiety, or various other regions of the body without proper circulation. With the techniques in this course you will know exactly how to move your sexual energy so that it becomes second nature and you come ALIVE with all of the excess energy you are saving without getting frustrated and burnt out.

Course Contents

  • 12 Weeks of Tantra Yoga, leading to a complete body, mind and spirit rejuvenation

  • Habit and Addiction breaking exercises guaranteed to rewire your neural pathways

  • Dietary and Detox, Testosterone Boosting regimen

  • Daily Tantric Breathwork exercises

  • Meditation and Mindfulness exercises

  • Tantric Sexuality Exercises for Ejaculation Control and Multiple Orgasms for Men

  • Exercises and Secret rituals that enhance physical appearance, literally!

  • Bonus Healing Rituals for Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness

Do Not Hesitate!

Don’t hesitate to INVEST IN YOURSELF. Your ego will try to convince you of a million reasons why you don't need to pay for a course, or you don't need any extra help for yourself. The contents of this course have helped many people to make complete transformations in their lives. You deserve a complete transformation that will lead you to greater happiness and peace throughout your life. The amount of money you pay for this course will yield exponential results of that value coming back to you through your improved relationships, career and sense of well being and satisfaction.

Pricing options

Pay a One time Investment of $555 or split it up for 6 months at $108.33