The Statistics of Sexual Abuse

Why So Many Need this Healing

The Facts are Staggering: There are more than 42 million survivors of sexual abuse in America. (National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse) 1 in 3 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18. (The Advocacy Center) 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. (The Advocacy Center) 1 in 5 children are solicited sexually while on the Internet before the age of 18. (National Children’s Alliance: Nationwide Child Abuse Statistics) 30% of sexual abuse is never reported. (Child Sex Abuse Prevention and Protection Center) Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur to children age 17 and under. (Children’s Advocacy Center) 90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way. (U.S. Department of Justice) Approximately 20% of the victims of sexual abuse are under age eight. (Broward County) 95% of sexual abuse is preventable through education. (Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute) 38% of the sexual abusers of boys are female. (Broward County) There is worse lasting emotional damage when a child’s sexual abuse started before the age of six, and lasted for several years. Among child and teen victims of sexual abuse there is a 42 percent increased chance of suicidal thoughts during adolescence. (American Counseling Association) “More than 90% of individuals with a developmental delay or disability will be sexually assaulted at least once in their lifetime.” (Valenti-Heim, D.m Schwartz L.) “There are nearly half a million registered sex offenders in the U.S. – 80,000 to 100,000 of them are missing.” (The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) “A typical pedophile will commit 117 sexual crimes in a lifetime.” (National Sex Offenders Registry)

The Importance of Sexual Healing

The Beginning of a Sexual Healing Revolution

It is said that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men have experienced sexual trauma or abuse. Most likely these numbers are even higher as many people have not come forward to share their stories and not every statistic is accounted for. There is such a lack of resources currently for people to turn to to actually be able to heal and fully release the shame, mental anguish and guilt that accompany the aftermath of sexual abuse. This course seeks to change that by providing extremely powerful, innovative and effective techniques to release the stored energetic memories of sexual trauma using Tantra, bodywork and unique healing modalities seen nowhere else before.

Release the Shame and Guilt

Letting go for good

Many people are afraid of what they might uncover if they actually sit and face the shadow of sexual abuse. They are stuck in cycles of trapped shame because they haven't had the opportunity or guidance to know that it is possible to completely heal and release the trauma. You absolutely can live a normal and happy life regardless of the experiences you may have had when you are given the proper tools to heal and transform your energetic blueprint.
Release the Shame and Guilt

The Benefits of Sexual Healing

  • Improved Confidence

    When you release toxic emotions such as shame and guilt induced and trapped from trauma you begin to walk differently, hold your head up higher, and feel worthy of all good things in life.

  • Better Relationships

    Whether with friends, colleagues, significant others or acquaintances, when you heal sexual trauma you are able to create healthy relationships with healthy boundaries.

  • The Ability to Love

    Healing means the ability to open your heart to once again cultivate love in its fullest form, they way you were born with. Love of Self through self healing allows you to healthily love and feel loved.

Are you ready to make a real change?

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Turn Your Life Around

Live in a New Way

When you heal sexual trauma, which can be subtle or more pervasive forms of energetic trauma, you can live your life in a completely renewed and empowered way. People who have healed are able to enjoy sexual experiences fully and without shame, fix sexual problems such as inability to orgasm or erectile dysfunction, and heal blocks to intimacy by forming trusting bonds and relationships with friends and partners. It may be challenging at first but once you face a shadow head on and refuse to run from it, it will no longer be able to haunt you. Clear and cleanse your consciousness by embracing courage and resolve to heal.
Turn Your Life Around


  • Is this a private course?

    The modules are for your own personal private use and there will be an optional group to join if you would like group support for healing.

  • Will I have access to the material after the course?

    The material is yours to keep and revisit as much as you would like to.

  • How long does it take to see a difference?

    This course will provide you with noticeable energetic shifts right away which will only grow in effectiveness the more you commit to doing the practices. The more you do the inner work with these tools, the more you will heal!